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Re: [PATCH] Don't use .gnu.linkonce with COMDAT

Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
On Fri, May 06, 2005 at 06:10:56PM +0100, Julian Brown wrote:

Thirdly, COMDAT groups have proven buggy on various platforms with various (older) binutils versions. The third part of the patch stops COMDAT groups from being used altogether when the linker version is less than 2.16. This is perhaps slightly too pessimistic (i.e., earlier versions might work OK), but I'm reasonably confident my testing has shown it to be about right. This is based on a patch from H.J. Lu which never seems to have been applied:

Though the required version has been bumped by several. This will have the effect of disabling COMDAT on some setups where it is currently enabled. I have also renamed the macro HAVE_GAS_COMDAT_GROUP to just HAVE_COMDAT_GROUP to better indicate that it's not just an assembler feature that's being relied on.

How does this patch interact with non-GNU linkers?  This is one of the
problems with version-number based checks...

Probably not very well. In the patches defence, there are existing version-number based tests for ld (checking linker for .hidden support) in I don't know if any non-GNU linkers (which GCC works with) support COMDAT groups, but I agree that it's a possibility at least. I'm also not sure if the existing assembler COMDAT test will work with anything other than GNU as.

Having said that, I think the linker version test will be skipped with a non-GNU ld and only the gas test used, so it might be OK.

The problem with non-version based tests, AFAICT, is that different things appear to break on different platforms with older binutils versions, and I don't know how to check for them all.


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