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[committed] Remove EXTRA_SUBTARGET_SWITCHES from rs6000/sysv4.h

I noticed this stray definition while grepping for TARGET_SWITCHES.
Committed as obvious after verifying that nothing else in the tree


	* config/rs6000/sysv4.h (EXTRA_SUBTARGET_SWITCHES): Delete.

Index: config/rs6000/sysv4.h
RCS file: /cvs/gcc/gcc/gcc/config/rs6000/sysv4.h,v
retrieving revision 1.161
diff -c -p -F^\([(a-zA-Z0-9_]\|#define\) -r1.161 sysv4.h
*** config/rs6000/sysv4.h	5 May 2005 20:54:21 -0000	1.161
--- config/rs6000/sysv4.h	6 May 2005 07:40:18 -0000
*************** extern const char *rs6000_tls_size_strin
*** 65,73 ****
- /* This is meant to be redefined in the host dependent files.  */
  /* Sometimes certain combinations of command options do not make sense
     on a particular target machine.  You can define a macro
     `OVERRIDE_OPTIONS' to take account of this.  This macro, if
--- 65,70 ----

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