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Re: [3.4 patch] relocate profile data file

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> Hi,
> Attached is the libgconv patch that allows .gcda files relocation when 
> running instrumented executable on system other than executable been 
> built on (cross-profiling). This is the solution of problem discussed a 
> while ago
> In particular the patch allows to:
> 1\ automatically create directory structure if does not exist
> 2\ relocate filename basing on value of two optional environment variables:
> 	GCOV_PREFIX contains the prefix to add to the absolute paths
> 	in the object file.
> 	GCOV_PREFIX_STRIP indicates the how many initial directory names
> 	to strip off the hardwired absolute paths. Default is 0.
> Tested on x86_64-redhat-linux. Is it Ok for 3.4 branch?

No. This first should go on the mainline.  Please write a patch for
the mainline.  Really since this is not a regression and an enhancement,
it __should not__ go on the release branches at all.

-- Pinski

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