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Re: RFA: Use .opt files for the ARM port

On Sat, 2005-04-30 at 20:44, Richard Sandiford wrote:
> This patch makes the ARM port define its options using .opt files.
> Main points:
>   - Most mask macros were called things like ARM_FLAG_* or THUMB_FLAG_*
>     and often didn't use the same suffix as the associated TARGET_* macro.
>     The patch uses the standard MASK_* names instead.  Various definitions
>     of TARGET_DEFAULT have to change as a result.
>   - -mtpcs-frame and -mtpcs-leaf-frame were associated with
>     had no TARGET_* macro.  The patch changes them to use
>     respectively.  (This avoids a potential collision with
>     TARGET_BACKTRACE, which is defined in terms of both options.)
>   - Most members of TARGET_OPTIONS have some interrelationship with
>     other options.  I've therefore left the parsing and checking code
>     in its current place (override_options) and simply made handle_option
>     set the same strings as TARGET_OPTIONS did.  The two exceptions are
>     -mhard-float and -msoft-float, which are now true aliases for
>     -mfloat-abi=hard and -mfloat-abi=soft respectively.
> Tested by building cc1 for arm-elf, arm-pe, arm-wince-pe, strongarm-pe
> and xscale-coff.  I checked each option by hand to make sure it had
> the intended effect.  I also checked for stray warnings.  OK to install?
> Richard


One quick question.

Is it not possible to merge:

+Target RejectNegative Report Mask(NO_SCHED_PRO)
+Do not move instructions into a function's prologue


+Target RejectNegative InverseMask(NO_SCHED_PRO) Undocumented

into a single flag:

TARGET Report InverseMask(NO_SCHED_PRO)
Permit scheduling of a function's prologue sequence

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