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Re: RFC: Stop using accross.m4

Kelley Cook <> writes:

> BYTEORDER is not used within all of GCC.  HOST_WORDS_BIG_ENDIAN is
> only used in mips-tfile.c and that usage predates cvs.  As it is a
> target file, it should be using WORDS_BIG_ENDIAN.  Regardless the
> definition of the two macros are always the same .. except in one
> instance.

No, mips-tfile.c is a host file.  It is an assembler postprocessor
which is run on the host.  See ASM_FINAL_SPEC in config/alpha/osf.h.
So it should use HOST_WORDS_BIG_ENDIAN insofar as that is meaningful.

Of course, it doesn't really matter, because I'm pretty sure that
mips-tfile.c will only work on a native platform.  In fact I'm pretty
sure it will only compile on a native platform.  Fortunately that is
the only place where it is useful, since mips-tfile is only needed
with the native OSF assembler.  gas implements all of its
functionality internally.

It also doesn't really matter because mips-tfile is now only used for
the Alpha, despite the name.  And the Alpha is always little-endian.

I'll note further that mips-tfile is only used on alpha*-dec-osf[45]*,
and we can get rid of it once we can drop support for that target.


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