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Re: RFC: Stop using accross.m4

Kelley Cook <> writes:
> config/accross.m4 defines two macros AC_COMPILE_CHECK_SIZEOF and
> Both of these macros have more comprehensive versions that come with
> autoconf 2.59: AC_CHECK_SIZEOF and AC_C_BIGENDIAN respectively.

This looks good.  I'll approve the changes to the GCC subdirectory.
Please also poison HOST_WORDS_BIG_ENDIAN and BYTEORDER in system.h.

> In fact, looking back at it the restored version 1.8 of xm-m32r.h is
> (sans whitespace) the exact same as version 1.1. So, I'm positive
> that both xm-m32r.h and xm-linux.h should just be deleted.

xm-*.h files are only pulled in if they are explicitly mentioned in
config.gcc, so neither m32r/xm-m32r.h nor m32r/xm-m32r.h is being
used, despite having been accidentally restored.  (Don't be misled by
the "*-local-*" stanza, which should probably be removed - anyone
seriously coding a local GCC port is going to have to write a real
config.gcc stanza anyway.)

Accordingly, I'll preapprove a patch that removes both these revenant
xm-*.h files.


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