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Re: [patch] gjnih

Thomas Fitzsimmons writes:
 > 2005-04-30  Thomas Fitzsimmons  <>
 > 	PR java/20309
 > 	* (java): Add gjnih.
 > 	(GJNIH_OBJS): New variable.
 > 	(gjnih$(exeext)): New target.
 > 	(JAVA_MANFILES): Add gjnih.1.
 > 	(java.uninstall): Add gjnih.1.
 > 	(java.mostlyclean): Add gjnih.
 > 	(java.maintainer-clean): Add gjnih.1.
 > 	(java/gjavah-jni.o): New target.
 > 	(.INTERMEDIATE): Add gjnih.pod.
 > 	(gjnih.pod): New target.
 > 	* (stagestuff): Add gjnih.
 > 	* gcj.texi (Top): Add gjnih node.
 > 	(Invoking gcjh): Add descriptions of -force, -old, -trace, -J and
 > 	-bootclasspath options.
 > 	(Invoking gjnih): New node.
 > 	* gjavah.c Initialize flag_jni to 1 if JNI_DEFAULT is defined.
 > 	(TOOLNAME): New macro.
 > 	(error): Replace hard-coded gcjh with TOOLNAME.
 > 	(process_file): Likewise.
 > 	(usage): Likewise.
 > 	(version): Likewise.
 > 	(help): Likewise.  Add help output for -force, -old, -trace and -J
 > 	options.
 > 	(OPT_FORCE, OPT_OLD, OPT_TRACE, OPT_J): New macros.
 > 	(options): Add force, old, trace and J fields.
 > 	(main): Handle -force, -old, -trace and -J options.

OK for mainline.


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