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Re: [patch] config.gcc: Obsolete c4x.

Mark Mitchell wrote:
Ralf Corsepius wrote:

1. I don't recall any consensus on abandoning QImode!=8bits.

I don't think this issue is relevant in terms of considering whether or not to obsolete the C4X port. Whether or not QImode is always 8 bits is a fine debate, but it's a separate debate. I certainly was not taking a position on that debate in approving the obsoletion request. Independent of the size of QImode, I think that everyone agrees that supporting targets with > 8-bit minimum addressable units is a useful thing.

2. tic4x-gcc-3.4.x is buildable, tic4x-gcc-4.x had never built.

i.e. actually a regression has occurred sometime between 3.4.x and 4.0,
which had slipped through GCC-regression testing cracks.

Yes, and that is evidence that the platform is indeed obsolete. Nobody was willing to invest in making it work in GCC 4.0.

And in one of my earlier posts on this, that was why I admitted to having to reluctantly agree to putting it on the obseletion path. Lack of an active maintainer is very bad.


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