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Re: assertify cris

Hans-Peter Nilsson wrote:

The DejaGNU and sim (part of gdb but should be freed) projects
are not synched.  The master dejagnu repo is at, *NOT*, if that's what you refer
to by "checkout".  (People argue that the sourceware copy should
be deleted as it's confusing and out of date in many important

wow, if it's that out of sync - Cris is not exactly a recent port, then something is broken. I did not know sourceware was the master repository, thanks for the info.

I *want* it to occur; I *definitely do not* want silent failure
and incorrect code being generated, ever.  Besides, "abort" is a
generic term, which doesn't always refer to calling the function
abort.  You remove all occurrences of abort regardless of context.

We're clearly not going to convince eachother on this issue.

...except I don't like the answer, so I'll keep the aborts.
Sorry, but thanks for your work.  Would it help your assertion
work if I'll change all abort calls in the CRIS port into
internal_error calls?

That would be fine too. Thanks!


Nathan Sidwell    ::   ::     CodeSourcery LLC    ::

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