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CRX port contribution

Since binutils and newlib are already contributed for quite some time i
would like to finally contribute the gcc port for the CRX architecture.

I already tried to submit a CRX port last year in June but there where
no ports for binutils and newlib at that time.

The port is now almost rewritten from scratch. It makes extensive use of
gcc's macro feature to keep the machine description compact and easy to
maintain. All predicates are defined in the machine description and cc0
is also not used anymore.

Target   | HMSLQNFICBD lqrcpfgmbdates
crx      |  M    F         p g b    s

I will also provide a simulator binary to allow testing with dejagnu.
Pls let me know who needs to get it. There is also a Programmer’s Reference Manual that i would like to make available at:

2005-04-11 Paul Woegerer <>

	* config/crx/*: Port for CRX architecture.
	* config.gcc (crx-*-elf): Add elfos.h, crtbegin.o, crtend.o.

-- Best Regards,

Paul Woegerer                 phone:  +49-8141-35-1385
CRTools Development           fax:    +49-8141-35-1403
Cores Development Group       mailto:

National Semiconductor GmbH
Livry-Gargan Str. 10
82256 Fuerstenfeldbruck, Germany

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