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Re: [C++ Patch] Fix for PR c++/19076 and PR c++/6628

Jason Merrill wrote:

That would also be wrong; 2.95 also gives the error, and that's the oldest
compiler I have handy. Just say it doesn't work with G++. It hasn't
worked with G++ for something like 10 years now, and has produced a hard
error for most of that time.

Ok, I'd like to commit the below. Given the discussion, seems to me sufficiently
obvious, but I'll wait a couple of days before applying it...


2005-02-26  Paolo Carlini  <>

	* doc/extend.texi (5.24 Declaring Attributes of Functions)
	<noreturn>: Clarify that the alternative way doesn't work in GNU C++.
	(6.11 Deprecated Features): Same.
*** extend.texi.~1.240.~	Sun Feb 20 20:16:10 2005
--- extend.texi	Fri Feb 25 02:02:03 2005
*************** typedef void voidfn ();
*** 2034,2039 ****
--- 2034,2041 ----
  volatile voidfn fatal;
  @end smallexample
+ This approach does not work in GNU C++.
  @item nothrow
  @cindex @code{nothrow} function attribute
  The @code{nothrow} attribute is used to inform the compiler that a
*************** initializers for static members of const
*** 9827,9832 ****
--- 9829,9837 ----
  enumeration types so this extension has been deprecated and will be removed
  from a future version.
+ The alternative way to declare that a function does not return
+ (@xref{Function Attributes}, @code{noreturn}) is now removed from G++.
  @node Backwards Compatibility
  @section Backwards Compatibility
  @cindex Backwards Compatibility

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