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Re: [PATCH] operands_match_p for multiple hard registers

>>>>> Richard Earnshaw writes:

Richard> The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced the split is invalid. 

Richard> For starters it removes an insn that connects two operands in different
Richard> modes.  That breaks the data flow graph between the setter and the user,
Richard> so any post-reload pass could become confused (such as reg-renumbering).

	If converting an instruction to NOTE_INSN_DELETED is invalid, then
GCC has a few broken ports.  The idiom is used in Mips and IA-64 as well.

Richard> Secondly (although I'll admit I'm not familiar with the PPC
Richard> architecture), I don't understand what it means to truncate a 128-bit
Richard> TFmode value to a 64-bit DFmode value by doing nothing, especially if
Richard> the former uses more physical registers than the latter.  If there
Richard> really is a no-op truncation, then I think you need combine patterns in
Richard> the MD file that describe the truncation-and-use operations.

	The AIX/Darwin/PPC64 Linux long double is a pair of doubles.  The
GCC semantics are:

"Each long double is made up of two IEEE doubles.  The value of the
long double is the sum of the values of the two parts (except for
-0.0).  The most significant part is required to be the value of the
long double rounded to the nearest double, as specified by IEEE."

	Truncating from TFmode to DFmode can be accomplished by narrowing
the value to the most significant IEEE double.  The register number in the
insn refers to the most significant register in the pair, so if the
register allocator assigns the same register to the source and
destination, the value can be truncated without a no-op FP move


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