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Re: Patch proposal for PR 19678

FranÃois-Xavier Coudert wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'd like to submit a simple patch fixing PR 19678 (DOS files don't work for 
> list directed input). It is just a matter of adding support for DOS 
> end-of-line in libgfortran/io/list_read.c. The patch I submit here fixes the 
> issue reported in the PR, as well as a few others I could imagine. *strapped 
> and regtested on i686-linux.

Doesn't this patch mean that DOS line breaks ('\n\r') will be interpreted as
two separators?

> PS: I don't know if the way I propose patches is appropriate (diff format, 
> eg). If not, any pointer on GCC patch-submitting policies is welcome!

'diff -up' or 'diff -c3p' (whichever ever is easier to read) are the preferred
formats, for more detailed instructions see

> 2005-02-24  FranÃois-Xavier Coudert  <>
> 	PR libfortran/19678
> 	* list_read.c: Add support for DOS files

This level of detail is insufficient.  See
<> and
<> for a detailed description of what
a ChangeLog should look like.  Basically, you must list all changed functions,
and the changes therein.

- Tobi

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