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Re: Natural alignment for 64-bit Darwin

>>>>> "Stan" == Stan Shebs <> writes:

 Stan> Richard Henderson wrote:
 >>  A silly and pointless warning.  As with any abi-changing switch,
 >> changing the default is dangerous for ALL targets.  Why ever did
 >> you think that darwin was special in this regard?

 Stan> I think users would really like GCC to warn them in general
 Stan> about ABI-changing options; whenever I talk to them, they are
 Stan> always unsure about what is safe to fool with and what is not -
 Stan> one of those "snake pit in the middle of the living room floor"
 Stan> situations that GCC is infamous for.

On MIPS, I don't get a warning from GCC but I certainly get told by
the linker when I try to use mismatched files in a link (including a
main program that doesn't match libc).

Also, don't some systems support multiple ABIs (by keeping separate
libraries, and syscall handlers that can cope with the variations)?
The SGI N32/N64 ABI docs imply that IRIX does, for example.  


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