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Re: C++ PATCH:

Mark Mitchell <> writes:


| In PR 20148, we were trying to dump statement-expressions in our
| diagnostic machinery, which is neither going to work nor be helpful to
| users.  Fixed by printing just "({...})" instead.  Also, we were
| failing to handle some of the representations we can get these days.   


| 	PR c++/20148
| 	* error.c (dump_expr): Do not print the body of a BIND_EXPR.


| -     case BIND_EXPR:
| -       pp_cxx_left_brace (cxx_pp);
| -       dump_expr (TREE_OPERAND (t, 1), flags & ~TFF_EXPR_IN_PARENS);
| -       pp_cxx_right_brace (cxx_pp);
| -       break;
| - 

Actually, we do have machinery to print statement-expression.  It is
just that calling dump_expr() is wrong.  Will be addressed in 4.1


| +     case BIND_EXPR:
|       case STMT_EXPR:
| +     case STATEMENT_LIST:
|         /* We don't yet have a way of dumping statements in a
|   	 human-readable format.  */
|         pp_string (cxx_pp, "({...})");
|         break;

We do already have machinery to handle STATEMENT_LIST.  It was wrongly
put in gcc/tree-pretty-print.c -- it should have been in
c-pretty-print.c -- and guarded with the wrong conditionals.  
I already have a patch for that in my local tree.  Will be addressed
in 4.1.

-- Gaby

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