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Re: Patch: FYI: gcj news items for web page

Gerald Pfeifer wrote:

On Mon, 21 Feb 2005, Bryce McKinlay wrote:

I agree, its important for GCJ's identity to have its own news section. The
rate of news updates is, unfortunately, too light - Requiring
"patch-and-review" for news items definitely works against it.

Well, if you want

It would certainly be really cool to use the wiki or have a more blog-like way of posting new news items and aggregating them.

Don't let us go down that road please. Wiki is fine for some stuff,
but for really official documentation we should take the wwwdocs route.

I think there is a difference between the official documentation and the website content. The official documentation is the GCC manual. This could be thought of as the specification of GCC, and I agree that should be kept fairly rigid. The content of the website falls into a different categories, however - news items, HOWTOs for beginners, status updates for various projects. For most of these things I don't think it makes sense to maintain rigid control over updates. Quite the opposite, they would become much better resources and be more valuable for the project if information were allowed to flow a bit more freely. By adding the ability to do quick, easy, wiki-style live updates the content could stay a lot more current and pertinent.



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