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Re: [gfortran] PATCH Fix PR 20058

Steve Kargl wrote:
>  /* Match a binary, octal or hexadecimal constant that can be found in
> -   a DATA statement.  */
> +   a DATA statement.  In section 5.2.5 and following C567 we find "If a
> +   data-stmt-constant is a boz-literal-constant, the corresponding variable
> +   shall be of type integer.  The boz-literal-constant is treated as if it
> +   were an int-literal-constant with a kind-param that specifies the
> +   representation method with the largest decimal exponent range supported
> +   by the processor."  */

You should probably say that this is from the F2K standard.  I'm also curious
what edition you have, and where you got it.  In my Sep 2002 draft there's a
lot of stuff between C567 and this restriction.

I'm interested in this, because I was looking for something like this when I
implemented kind suffixes for boz constants.  With this rule from the
standard, kind suffixes to boz-literal-constants seem superfluous, so maybe we
should remove them from our compiler before we release a compiler with an
unneeded language extension.  What do other people think?

- Tobi

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