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Re: [RFA:] change back name of initial rtl dump suffix to ".rtl".

On Feb 21, 2005 11:29 AM, Hans-Peter Nilsson <> wrote:
> Do you know of a reason why the statement dump isn't on by
> default?

Because it does not dump all the RTL, just the bits we create
for each statement.

> IMHO, it's generally just irritating to have different layers of
> dump information.

All tree dumps have this.  I think it's very useful because
it gives you more insight of what is going on internally. Is
that not what the debug dumps exist for?

>  I believe rtl-inspecting folks use the
> shorthand "-d" options anyways, often just "-da" (well, me
> anyway) and don't want to fiddle with lots of extra "level"
> options, -fdump-foo-this -fdump-bar-that.

I don't see your point.  The -da option still exists, and
those folks that want to see more details can use the -fdump*
options.  Are you trying to deny the latter group this new
ability of the compiler?

> > And the pass is called "expand".  Why give the dump a name
> > that is different from the name of the pass?
> Because of the existing name, as I said.  You've not "given it a
> name",

We've killed the old tree-to-rtl pass and replaced it with
an entirely new pass that we have named "expand", which is
the best name we could think of to refect what the pass does:
Expand trees to RTL.  It's quite obvious for anyone working
on GCC for some time that "expand" can only mean one thing.

> you've *changed* the name.

We've changed the name *and* the pass.

>  And the name "expand" isn't
> really helpful, it doesn't say to what for example.

As I said, anyone who's worked on GCC for a while knows
that "expand" can only mean tree-to-RTL.

> >  All dumps have
> > names that refer to the name of the pass that creates the
> > dump.
> I don't agree, they rather reflect whatever transformation is
> done.

Then you contradict yourself.  The ".rtl" name could be *any*
RTL dump, the name does not reflect what transformation is
done at all.  On the other hand, the ".expand" name indicates,
"Hey, something is being expanded here".  It reflects more
clearly what transformation is done than the ".rtl" name does.


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