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Re: [patch] Fix PR rtl-optimization/20017.

On Sat, 19 Feb 2005, Zack Weinberg wrote:
> Kazu Hirata <> writes:
> > 1. CSE folds the switch statement into an unconditional jump (but
> >    does not remove the dead jump table).  This new unconditoinal
> >    jump happens to jump to the next block.  Since CFG clean up
> >    makes no change to CFG, it does not call delete_dead_jumptables.
> To my mind CSE should recognize that it has converted a switch
> statement into an unconditional jump and therefore call
> delete_dead_jumptables itself.  Do you have any idea whether or not
> this is feasible?

I agree with Zack that the long term approach to removing these dead
jump tables should be to get rid of them at the point we modify/delete
the table jump instruction.  This should avoid ever having to call
delete_dead_jumptables, which has to scan the entire RTL stream.
Instead there are only a handful of places that perform this kind
of transformation and they only have to peek at the end of the current
basic block.

Like with ssa-form, I believe that we should slowly move the RTL
optimizers to updating some fraction of the CFG incrementally.

If thats too difficult for now, we can always apply your suggested


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