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Remove obsolete IA-64 -mb-step option

This started as an IA-64 assembler problem.  gas has code to warn about
Itanium1 B-step errata, which is enabled by default, and which confuses
end users who have no idea what an Itanium1 B-step processor is.  Fixing
this would require adding an option to enable it, and modifying gcc to
pass the option.  Unfortunately, bugs in gas option handling means that
this would break backwards compatibility.  Since we have to break
backwards compatibility anyways, it is better to just remove all of this
support, which is no longer useful.  This support has already been
removed from the linux kernel and from binutils.  This patch removes it
from gcc.

Itanium1 B-step processors were pre-release processor steps that had
some serious bugs, and were never released to the public.  They were
only available under strict NDAs that required that the hardware be
returned to Intel, and that it not be used for any production purposes. 
This was roughly 4 years ago.  Hence, there should not be anyone using
these processors, or needing this option anymore.

I tested this with an ia64-linux bootstrap and make check.  There were
no regressions.
Jim Wilson, GNU Tools Support,

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