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Re: libstdc++ darwin multilibbing support

On Feb 16, 2005, at 9:04 AM, Benjamin Kosnik wrote:
The most useful non-darwin feature is the
addition of support for -fno-exceptions multilib support for libsupc++.
This part completely puzzles me, and seems unnecessary: without it,
-fno-exceptions is fine for compilation.

What you are doing is removing
definitions with this flag (which may make more sense, but is a
different idea than the current approach, which is that -fno-exceptions
should compile, and if people are using it, they aren't using exceptions
so this stuff doesn't matter.)
Can you explain why you're doing this again?

As I recall, using std::exception is problematic, as it creates unresolved references to what and friends, and those to typeinfo things, and those to rtti and friends, and those have stuff that I've not untangled yet. In my case, -fno-rtti is also used, so, the lack of the typeinfo stuff doesn't matter to me.

Now, if one multilibs and has exceptions, one can build all the routines. My problem is that I am trying to build the without exceptions. This, is because the flag I'm multilib on doesn't support exceptions.

Especially why has overlapping __EXCEPTIONS regions?

? I think you missed the namespace decls I got rid of. The first one, just recursive_init, not the second one.

Do you think that __builtin_trap should be used consistently instead of std::abort?

I'm happy with either, abort is slightly more natural, as there are already many calls to abort that have to be handled anyway, and mechanism that makes them work, makes this instance work. abort is would be more uniform. If we want wanted to tailor this, we'd need support so that all external references to abort in lib{gcc,gcc_eh,libstdc++,libsupc++} are mapped, not just one.

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