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Fix 19865

In the end, the Right Thing to do here is to run may-alias after SRA. The amount of gimplification done is non-trivial and it exposes new symbols that may be call-clobbered. We needed to do this earlier for fold_all_builtins.

In 4.1 we should make pass_may_alias a TODO item and, maybe, have dynamic triggers for it so that we don't have to run it unnecessarily.

Bootstrapped and tested x86, x86-64, ia64 and ppc (ppc is the only host where I can build Ada).

I will need someone who knows their way around the Ada testsuite to add the test case from the PR. I found no documentation in testsuite/ada to give me a hint where to put the test and how to make it run.

2005-02-16  Diego Novillo  <>

	PR tree-optimization/19865
	* tree-optimize.c (init_tree_optimization_passes): Run
	pass_may_alias after pass_sra.

Index: tree-optimize.c
RCS file: /cvs/gcc/gcc/gcc/tree-optimize.c,v
retrieving revision 2.71
diff -d -u -p -r2.71 tree-optimize.c
--- tree-optimize.c	14 Feb 2005 21:32:14 -0000	2.71
+++ tree-optimize.c	16 Feb 2005 16:04:36 -0000
@@ -364,6 +364,10 @@ init_tree_optimization_passes (void)
   NEXT_PASS (pass_ch);
   NEXT_PASS (pass_profile);
   NEXT_PASS (pass_sra);
+  /* FIXME: SRA may generate arbitrary gimple code, exposing new
+     aliased and call-clobbered variables.  As mentioned below,
+     pass_may_alias should be a TODO item.  */
+  NEXT_PASS (pass_may_alias);
   NEXT_PASS (pass_rename_ssa_copies);
   NEXT_PASS (pass_dominator);
   NEXT_PASS (pass_redundant_phi);

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