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Re: libstdc++ darwin multilibbing support

> Here is a patch that adds darwin multilibbing support for -fapple-kext 
> and -static to libstdc++. 

This part is fine. ie:

+	* acinclude.mm4 (GLIBCXX_ENABLE_THREADS): Enable changing the threading model in a
+	multilib.
+	* config/os/bsd/darwin/os_defines.h: Add -fapple-kext and -static multilib support.
+	* (darwin[89]): Likewise.
+	* crossconfig.m4 (*-darwin*): Likewise.
+	* configure: Regenerate.

+	* acinclude.m4 (GLIBCXX_ENABLE_SJLJ_EXCEPTIONS): Likewise.

> The most useful non-darwin feature is the 
> addition of support for -fno-exceptions multilib support for libsupc++.

This part completely puzzles me, and seems unnecessary: without it,
-fno-exceptions is fine for compilation. What you are doing is removing
definitions with this flag (which may make more sense, but is a
different idea than the current approach, which is that -fno-exceptions
should compile, and if people are using it, they aren't using exceptions
so this stuff doesn't matter.) 

Can you explain why you're doing this again? Especially why has
overlapping __EXCEPTIONS regions? 

Do you think that __builtin_trap should be used consistently instead of std::abort?


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