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Re: [PATCH] Avoid introducing TREE_OVERFLOWs in (T)(x&cst) -> (T)x& (T)cst optimization (PR middle-end/19857)

On Tue, 15 Feb 2005, Roger Sayle wrote:

> However, I believe that all of these problems will go away in
> the near future, once the middle-end stops setting TREE_OVERFLOW
> and TREE_CONSTANT_OVERFLOW in fold_const.  I've already posted a
> patch at
> The only thing blocking that patch was that a C front-end maintainer
> wanted me to write an extensive set of C test cases to check that
> the C front-end would generate all the required diagnostics.

Not exhaustive tests; simply tests which constitute reasonable care to 
make sure that an area of the compiler exercising this code isn't broken 
by the changes.

I am now writing such tests, and will commit a version which passes (with 
the compiler as of 08:00 UTC today, that being the time of the rsynced 
repository used for testing) to mainline and open PRs for bugs found in 
the process.

Joseph S. Myers      (personal mail) (CodeSourcery mail) (Bugzilla assignments and CCs)

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