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Re: [PATCH - ping] Don't unlink /dev/null on darwin

Zack Weinberg wrote:
"Peter O'Gorman" <> writes:
Is there any reason this test for
-fvisibility=hidden can't go into a somewhere? If not,
I'll look at making a patch to do so.

It can't go in gcc/ because it is probing a property of
the just-built compiler.

Yeah, okay, I see.

Hopefully, libgcc will be split out to its own directory in the 4.1
cycle, and will grow its own The check can then go in
there and will not need to use -o /dev/null.

Can you please tell me, because I just don't understand it, how come having a temp file in the build dir will break parallel builds, but running a whole configure script won't.

Anyway, although I'm sure Geoffrey will pop in on this thread at some point and say "shut up already, I fixed as", I feel I must get rid of that -o /dev/null and need to find a way to do so that you agree with :)

I ran your patch by the way, and still lost /dev/null (hey, at least mine worked!), I guess that MAKECMDGOALS was not being set properly in the calling Makefile.

You seem to be worried about parallel recursive builds, I don't think your scenario is actually possible, however, would putting a $$ into the output file name make you less nervous? The temporary file should always be going into the builddir, I am about to run a test with a non-writable source dir to verify that that is true.

Here are some other possibilities, warning, many of these, on there own might induce vomiting, taken all together at once might require hospitalization.

1) $gcc_compile -v -help | grep '\-fvisibility=.*hidden'

2) Have a wrapper binary that calls tempnam() or something to specify the output file and do the test.

3) Have a gcc option to check for valid flags without creating any output (or requiring input).

4) You already suggested this, never run as root.

If you're interested in
helping with this, talk to Paolo Bonzini (cc:ed).

I am not averse to helping on things, but I don't really know my way around here that well, I'd likely be more of a hindrance than a help.

Peter O'Gorman -

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