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Re: PR 18785: alternative patch

On 2005-02-15, at 03:23, Zack Weinberg wrote:

I forgot to mention - since the choice between my patch and Roger's is largely a question of design style, I would prefer not to be the person who decides which is to go in. Could other interested maintainers please comment?

I'm not a maintainer but still maybe my opinion may be of some (however minor) value.
Well I second yours approach. The character encoding of the source code file
is not a fixed property of the host, it should be therefore possible to change this
at runtime. Look for example at systems in transition from some legacy character
encoding used previously to a unified new encoding:

1. Xcode premitts to specify the encoding of source file on a file by file basis.
2. There are a lot of systems moving toward UTF8 encoding as a common target.

On the other hand you have the situation where there are multiple different
output targets too. Think i18n as an example. You build once for locale X and then for
locale Y frequently enough.

And then after all of course mix them in two by a cross build between different platforms.

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