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Re: [wwwdocs] gcc-4.0/changes.html - Mention SMS as new optimization.

Mostafa Hagog <> wrote:

> This patch adds SMS to gcc-4.0/changes.html as a new optimization.
> OK to commit?

I personally don't think this is appropriate. Your explanation is very
technical, too much for the audience of changes.html (which are GCC users and
not compiler writers). I think you should provide something along the lines of:

- why SMS makes the code better (what does "better scheduling" mean)
- which are the targets which are best served by SMS? Will a Pentium 1 gain the
same benefit as a Pentium 4 from this? And a PPC? What about an embedded
- what are the figures on what SMS can achieve, on at least a couple of target?
Is it 10% or 1% or 50% of run-time speed? You mentioned it is disabled because
it is slow, so you should give some hints on why users should still try to use

I think these information are what users would like to know about SMS. I am
sure *I* do not know the answers of the above questions, and I would like to.
The brief explanation of the SMS algorithm is irrelevant: the link to the paper
will be followed by those interested in details.

Another thing you could mention is that work on SMS is going on and an update
is expected in GCC 4.1.

Giovanni Bajo

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