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Re: [PATCH - ping] Don't unlink /dev/null on darwin

Zack Weinberg wrote:
While this is clearly a real problem, I don't think your proposed
patch is the right fix.  We shouldn't be running the compiler at all
under 'make install'.

As someone else mentioned, that is a Makefile issue, and should be fixed there.

There are two patches attached to this message. I'd like you to apply the first one to your source tree and see if it solves the instant problem.

While the first one may allow me to install without unlinking /dev/null, it won't stop as from calling unlink("/dev/null") during compile. It will simply fail to succeed if I'm not root. I don't understand your attachment to 'gcc -o /dev/null', can you please explain why you refuse to use a temporary file here?

The second patch is a possible general stopgap to prevent this sort of scenario from causing damage in the future. It is a very big hammer, and I recognize that it may break stuff,

Stuff: Any package using GNU libtool ( install often results in 'relinking')

Peter O'Gorman -

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