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Re: PR19525: Build testing of non-default multilibs

Richard Sandiford <> writes:
> Here's an attempt to fix PR19525 (the one about build testing not
> working for non-default multilibs on Solaris, IRIX, and multilibbed
> linux targets).  When the PR was discussed on gcc@, the consensus
> seemed to be that we should remove the multilib encoding from the
> shared libgcc and install it in the same directory as libraries
> like libstdc++:
> The patch below tries to do that.

Thank you for doing this.  I am in the process of doing a complete
test cycle on powerpc-darwin, pa-hpux, ia64-hpux, and sparc-solaris,
and will report results - probably tomorrow; our Solaris box in
particular is depressingly slow.

On a relatively careful read, I don't see any problems with the patch,
but I do have one comment:

>     config/ia64/t-hpux
>         is like t-slibgcc-elf-ver except that, in the build directory,
>         the versioned file is the symlink.  This is reversed when the
>         files are installed.

I believe this to be an accident, and no reason to preserve it.
However, no particular reason to mess with it now, either.


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