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[Ada] fix handling of case sensitivity in gnatname

Manually tested under i686-mingw.
Tested under i686-linux, commited on mainline.

On Windows, when the file names include upper case characters,
matching against patterns may fail, because the matching is
case sensitive and the patterns are in canonical case.
The test for this is to have a source with a file name
that include upper case characters (for example "MAIN.ADA") and
invoke gnatname with a pattern in lower case (for example "main.ada")
that should match.

In addition, if a cross version of gnatname is used and no native version
of GNAT is installed, then invoking "gcc" will fail. So, gnatname has been
modified to call the compiler corresponding to the version of

2005-02-09  Vincent Celier  <>

	* prj-makr.adb (Process_Directory): Put file name in canonical case
	before matching against the patterns.
	If gnatname has been invoked as <prefix>-gnatname
	then invoke the compiler as <prefix>-gcc, not just "gcc".

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