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speed up ggc_alloc_string

Description : function ggc_alloc_string in stringpool.c has a special case
when being passed an empty string
("") as a parameter. I think it is useless. My previous patch remove the
only place in the compiler where an empty string is passed.
More over, even if an empty string is passed, and the special case removed,
the result will not be wrong (just a few bytes in the obstack will have been

This patch remove 201437 useless tests (if length == 0) when doing a full

I'm also wondering if special cases '0' .. '9' are usefull. These cases do
happen but they are very limited.

Bootstrap on a cygwin machine based on snapshot from 20050130.

2005-02-08  Christophe Jaillet <>

    * stringpool.c (ggc_alloc_string): Remove a special case for empty
string that never trigger

*** gcc-4.0-20050130/gcc/stringpool.c Wed Jun  9 22:10:10 2004
--- my_patch/stringpool.c Tue Feb  8 23:44:46 2005
*************** ggc_alloc_string (const char *contents,
*** 88,95 ****
    if (length == -1)
      length = strlen (contents);

-   if (length == 0)
-     return empty_string;
    if (length == 1 && ISDIGIT (contents[0]))
      return digit_string (contents[0] - '0');

--- 88,93 ----

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