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[wwwdocs] Remove dead links from tree-ssa page

Thanks Gerald for spotting these.

Meta question, are we going to leave closed project pages around? Move them to some archive area?

Index: index.html
RCS file: /cvs/gcc/wwwdocs/htdocs/projects/tree-ssa/index.html,v
retrieving revision 1.35
diff -d -u -p -r1.35 index.html
--- index.html	8 Oct 2004 00:10:19 -0000	1.35
+++ index.html	8 Feb 2005 13:42:47 -0000
@@ -62,26 +62,6 @@ based on the Static Single Assignment (S
 href="#cytron.ea-91">1</a>].  The implementation currently lives in the
 <code>tree-ssa-20020619-branch</code> branch.</p>
-<li><a href="";>Daily
-snapshots</a> of the branch are available.  These snapshots are known to
-bootstrap on <code>i686-pc-linux-gnu</code>.</li>
-<li>The branch is tested daily on several GNU/Linux platforms, including
-Alpha, x86, IA64, AMD64, PowerPC and PowerPC64.  Regression test results
-are posted to the <a
-href="";>gcc-testresults</a> mailing
-list.  <a
-build logs</a> are also available.</li>
-<li>Daily performance results are available for <a
-CPU95</a> and <a
 <hr />
 <h3><a name="documentation">Documentation</a></h3>
@@ -175,8 +155,7 @@ intermediate representation based on GEN
 very simple C-like three-address language that looks pretty straightforward
 to analyze and keeps all the high-level attributes of data types.  GIMPLE
 is derived from the SIMPLE representation proposed by the McCAT project out
-of <a href="";>McGill
-University</a> [<a href="#hendren.ea-92">2</a>].</p>
+of McGill University</a> [<a href="#hendren.ea-92">2</a>].</p>
 <p>The data structures are the same trees used by GCC, but we impose
 rules on how the trees can be combined.  For instance, the

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