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Re: PING: [wwwdocs] update project page of cfo-branch

On Mon, 31 Jan 2005, [ISO-8859-2] Gábor Lóki wrote:
>   This patch hasn't been reviewed yet.

Sorry, I lost a couple of days worth of e-mail last week.

>   Could someone look into it?

At one point you use "To do", at another one "To-do"; would you mind
making this more consistent?

>> +<li>Local code factoring: This is a code motion technique. The optimization
>> +strategy of local factoring is to move identical instructions from basic blocks

How about "...technique.  It moves identical..."?

>> dependences nor introduce +new ones. To obtain the best size reduction some


> > +<li>Sequence abstraction: It is a size optimization method, which, unlike

"Unlike..., this..."

>> occurences with calls to the newly +created subrutine. It is kind of an


>> +<p>Currently the following algorithms are implemented in the branch:</p>

"on the branch"

> > +<li>Local factoring on RTL (-frtl-lfact)</li>
> > +<li>Hoisting part of the local factoring on Tree-SSA (-ftree-lfact)</li>
> > +<li>Sequence abstraction on RTL (-fsequence-abstraction)</li>

Please use <code>...</code> to mark up command-line options.

> > +<table width="50%" border="1">
> > +<tr>
> > +  <td>&nbsp;</td>
> > +  <td align="center" colspan="2"><b>Code size save</b></td>
> > +  <td align="center" colspan="2"><b>Compilation time multiplier</b></td>
> > +</tr>

These should be <th> (for "table heading").

The patch is fine with these changes. Thanks,

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