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Re: [patch] vectorizer phi-used-after-loop bug fix

On Mon, 31 Jan 2005, Dorit Naishlos wrote:

In mark_stmts_to_be_vectorized we try to identify all stmts that need to be
vectorized; in particular we want to identify which IVs can be ignored
(e.g, cause they are only used for array indexing) and which can't be
ignored (e.g, cause they are used outside the loop) and need special
handling (which we don't support yet, but we will soon). In the meantine,
the problem is that we neglect to check whether phi nodes are used out of
the loop (we only check the uses of regular stmts). Janis reported to us a
case of miscompilation in SPEC that suffers from this problem. This is the
situation that we weren't handling:

   # ivtmp.1197_270 = PHI <256(34), ivtmp.1197_244(35)>;
   # ch_269 = PHI <256(34), ch_118(35)>;
# sfirst_20 = PHI <sfirst_58(34), sfirst_113(35)>;
   *sfirst_20 = -1;
   sfirst_113 = sfirst_20 + 4B;
   ch_118 = ch_269 - 1;
   ivtmp.1197_244 = ivtmp.1197_270 - 1;
   if (ivtmp.1197_244 != 0) goto <L45>; else goto <LOOP_EXIT>;
   goto <bb 20> (<LOOP>);

# sfirst_194 = PHI <sfirst_20(20)>;
   sfirst_72 = sfirst_194 + -1020B;

I can't reproduce this problem with the current mainline snapshot (I could
with an older one), but I guess this situation may occur, so we need to
detect such phis and avoid vectorization for now.

This is just a loop exit copy node that is part of loop closed ssa form.
As it is a phi with one argument, it is safe to simply say that it is a copy.

It is literally equivalent to the statement:
sfirst_194 = sfirst_20

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