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Re: [PATCH] missing protoypes in dummy-conditions.c

On 2005-01-31, at 14:32, Joseph S. Myers wrote:

On Mon, 31 Jan 2005, Marcin Dalecki wrote:

This is removing some struct redeclarations tricks which are recipe
for failure. The removed comment basically explains itself as a bad idea.

I don't see the problem. The struct definition is the same as in
gensupport.h. Including many extra headers as your patch does risks
breaking bootstrap with non-GCC which might expect all functions called
from any inline functions defined in those headers or headers included
directly or indirectly from them to be defined in generator programs, see

Hmm... Because those are precisely the headers which are
included by the code consuming the entities defined there. So I'm about 100% sure
that your objections are not valid. They are not congruent with the comment found
there anyway. And finally I came across it by trying to compile the whole
by a "shoddy non standard compliant C compiler". Well the non standard compliant C
compiler was simply well a C++ compiler...

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