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Solaris Users: pthread mutex initializer help

Eric Botcazou wrote:
> > Attached is a patch, including an example of what it did to
> > my /usr/include/pthread.h header.
> The PR has been resolved.  How do you want to proceed from now?  Do you want
> to install the patch and refine it incrementally or...?

I think a modest warning and a solicitation for help is in order:)

Folks:  if you use Solaris, please help us to ensure full coverage of
the flavors of Solaris in the wild.  Please tell us if you have a
version of /usr/include/sys/types.h that is *not* on the list below.
If it is not, please help us by emailing the "#pragma ident" line
plus the structure definitions for pthread_mutex_t, pthread_cond_t,
and pthread_rwlock_t.  This is most easily done by sending the entire
file to me or Eric (not the list).

The current list of versions we have are:

sol10-types.h:#pragma ident     "@(#)types.h    1.84    04/09/28 SMI"
sol6-types.h:#pragma ident      "@(#)types.h    1.51    97/05/06 SMI"
sol7-types.h:#pragma ident      "@(#)types.h    1.63    98/04/28 SMI"
sol8-types.h:#pragma ident      "@(#)types.h    1.66    00/02/14 SMI"
sol8-types.h:#pragma ident      "@(#)types.h    1.69    03/08/07 SMI"
sol9-types.h:#pragma ident      "@(#)types.h    1.74    03/08/07 SMI"
sol9-types.h:#pragma ident      "@(#)types.h    1.75    03/??/?? SMI"

Thanks for your help!

Regards, Bruce

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