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Re: [C++ PATCH] Unify member pointer to member function pointer

On Jan 27, 2005, at 1:16 PM, Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:

On Thu, Jan 27, 2005 at 06:59:46PM +0100, Steven Bosscher wrote:
On Thursday 27 January 2005 18:41, Mark Mitchell wrote:
Mark Mitchell wrote:
Doug Gregor wrote:
This patch for mainline CVS allows unification between a member
pointer and a member function pointer, as required by section 8.3.3 of
the C++ standard. It fixes the attached test case and one that has
been XFAIL'd forever (g++.old-deja/

Your patch is correct.

However, I can't tell if you have a copyright assignment on file.

I've now been informed that you do not have an assignment on file.

Are you sure? libstdc++/ChangeLog* has: ChangeLog-2003:2003-11-13 Douglas Gregor <> ChangeLog-2003:2003-11-11 Doug Gregor <> ChangeLog-2003:2003-08-07 Doug Gregor <>

I'm not psychic :-) He does not have an individual assignment on file, which is all I checked. However, he may be covered by Apple's blanket assignment. I'm sure Doug can answer for himself.

My apologies for the confusion. I am currently in the middle of the copyright assignment process (waiting for the forms via snail mail). My prior contributions were covered by Apple's blanket assignment, but these are not. If there's any way to speed up the process, just drop me a line and I'll do it.

In truth, I expected a bit more wrangling to get the patch accepted, and figured that the copyright assignment would be finished by that time :)


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