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Re: [PATCH] AAPCS small aggregate argument passing/return in big-endian mode [csl-arm-branch]

> 2005-01-25  Julian Brown  <>
>  * calls.c (shift_returned_value): Delete in favour of...
>  (shift_return_value): ...this function. Leave the caller to
>  check for non-BLKmode values passed in the msb of a register.
>  Take said mode and a shift direction as argument.  Operate on
>  the hard function value, not a pseudo.
>  * (expand_call): Adjust accordingly
>  * expr.h (shift_return_value): Declare
>  * function.c (expand_function_start): If a non-BLKmode return
>  value is padded at the last significant end of the return
>  register, use the return value's natural mode for the
>  DECL_RESULT, not the mode of the padded register.
>          (expand_function_end): Shift the same sort of return values left
>  by the appropriate amount.
>          * optabs.c (simplify_expand_binop): New function, backported
>  from mainline.
>          (force_expand_binop): New function, backported from mainline and
>          exported.
>          * optabs.h (force_expand_binop): Declare.
>          * stmt.c (shift_return_value): Delete.
>          (expand_return): Don't call shift_return_value
>          * config/arm/arm-protos.h (arm_must_pass_in_stack): Declare.
>          (arm_pad_arg_upward): Declare:
>          (arm_pad_reg_upward): Declare.
>          * config/arm/arm.c (TARGET_RETURN_IN_MSB): Define target hook


You should quote the original Changelog entry in your new ChangeLog. Grep for 
"Backport:" for existing examples. Ideally the backport bugfix and new code 
should be separate patches. In this case I think they conveniently split on 
file boundaries, so it's ok.


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