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forgot to include changelog in last mail

2005-01-22  Kenneth Zadeck <>
	* alias.c : Fixed typos in header comment.

	* alias.c (nonoverlapping_memrefs_p): Added code to use
	ipa_static_vars_analysis infomation to determine if a
	pointer and a structure may alias.
	* builtin-attrs.def, builtins.def, c-common.c, tree.h:
	Renamed "free" attribute to "pointer_no_escape" and made the
	free libc function have this attribute by adding a builtin for
	* calls.c (flag_from_decl_or_type): Ditto.
	* ipa_static_vars_anal.c (ipa_static_star_count_of_interesting_or_array_type): 
	New function.
	* ipa_static_vars_anal.c (mark_any_type_seen, mark_type, close_type_seen,
	close_type_full_escape, do_type_analysis): 
	Added code to properly handle array types.
	* ipa_static_vars_anal.c (parent_type_p): Fixed problems in
	not properly determining if a class was a parent class.
	* ipa_static_vars_anal.c (check_cast, look_for_address_of, look_for_casts, 
	check_call): Missed marking some types as seen.
	* ipa_static_vars_anal.c
	* (check_function_parameter_and_return_type): Was invalidly
	taking apart a gimple tree.
	* ipa_static_vars_anal.c (check_call): Added code to process 
	pointer_no_escape flag.
	* ipa_static_vars_anal.c (okay_pointer_operation, scan_for_static_refs): 
	Preliminary code to allow some pointer increments as ok.
	* ipa_static.h: Added ipa_static_star_count_of_interesting_or_array_type.

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