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Re: [ada] rts support for alpha-linux

> Yes, they *do* differ between linux targets.  Usually this is done
> to make it easier (once upon a time) to cross-host binaries from the 
> "native" operating system.  For instance, alpha-linux has the same
> signal numbers as OSF/1; sparc-linux has the same signal numbers as
> Solaris; mips-linux has the same signal numbers as Irix.

I see. Thanks for the explanation.

> > > Alpha does not have SIGUNUSED, SIGLOST, or SIGSTKFLT.  Neither do
> > > many other Linux targets, but s-osinte.adb isn't correct for them.
> > 
> > You can use the value 0 for non existent signals.
> Then why is there not exactly one a-intnam.adb and why don't we 
> force all systems to have the union of all names on any system?

Because that would be pushing things a little bit too much.

We actually followed this approach at the very beginning of the GNAT RT,
and also found this impractical.

> Failing that, this requirement makes no sense to me.

Having as much sharing between linux targets makes sense to me, even if
it does not to you.


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