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Re: [ada] rts support for alpha-linux

On Tue, Jan 18, 2005 at 09:58:37PM +0100, Arnaud Charlet wrote:
> Did you verify the differences in term of size and alignment by e.g.
> compiling s-osinte.adb with -gnatR3 ?

No.  What does that do, and what would I be looking for?

> Perhaps you could post diffs between the original linux files you started
> from and the new alpha variants for analysis ? I am quite sure we can find
> a way to keep a single file instead of duplicating.

Many of the signal and errno numbers are different.  A few of the
other sigaction bits are different.  Those are the main bits.

> Same question for

Alpha does not have SIGUNUSED, SIGLOST, or SIGSTKFLT.  Neither do
many other Linux targets, but s-osinte.adb isn't correct for them.

> is actually an exception to the rule listed above: we do not
> want to share system files between targets, this has caused only
> confusion in the past trying to do so: we always end up sooner or later
> with parameters that are different and that are not properly
> updated/maintained because the system file is shared.

Except for Tick, all little-endian 64-bit Linux targets should be
the same.  Add Bit_Order and all 64-bit Linux targets should be
the same.  Add the <limits.h> equivalent bits, and *all* Linux
targets should be the same.

Yet more reasons that all of this data should be extracted from
/usr/include instead of specified by hand.


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