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Re: C++ lexical analysis rework

On Jan 16, 2005, at 9:50 AM, Eric Botcazou wrote:

You mean my email about source location? I wouldn't call that
something I was working on; more just some ideas about things that
might be a good idea to work on later. I certainly wasn't imagining it
for 4.0.

And yes, I agree with you that cp_lexer_set_source_position_from_token
is the right place to do this. The only slightly tricky part is making
sure that the tests don't slow things down.

Note that I personally don't care that much about the breakage (SPARC/Solaris
has switched to DWARF-2 for version 7 and above) and now, after the remarks
from both of you, I don't really intend to do anything for 4.0.0, except
filing a PR and possibly adjusting the PCH code to match the new "behaviour".

On the other hand, it's quite possible that *I* care a great deal. Apple uses stabs.

The one thing that puzzles me is why we haven't noticed this problem in our internal testing. What's the symptom of this bug?


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