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RFA: fix for mudflap 19319, tree_addressable aggregate returns

Hi -

This patch appears to fix the mudflap bug 19319.  It may be controversial,
and it changes gimplify.c, so I need a formal ok/nok.

As a recap, the problem is that mudflap instrumentation was not applied
to aggregate variables (e.g. C++ classes) being returned by value from
functions.  This was because those VAR_DECLs did not have the 
TREE_ADDRESSABLE flag set, even though during rtl expansion, their
addresses are taken.  Via those pointers, mudflap-instrumented code
may modify the objects, and thus trigger "valid" mudflap check errors.

This patch sets TREE_ADDRESSABLE on such implicitly addressed lvalues.
(It does so temporarily in that apparently the alias1 tree-ssa pass will
clear off these bits if not needed, in non-mudflap mode.)

Diego looked over the patch and pronounced nonideal but okay.  It
passes a bootstrap and appears to cause no testsuite regressions.
(One alternative is making the mudflap1 pass do a nested tree
traversal to find "<aggregate> = CALL_EXPR (...)" occurrences,
instead of just locally checking BIND_EXPR variables, but that's
slow & ugly too.)

Any comments, rth/jason/others?

2005-01-10  Frank Ch. Eigler  <>

	* gimplify.c (gimplify_modify_expr): For mudflap1's benefit, mark
	aggregate values being returned by CALL_EXPRs as addressable.

Index: gimplify.c
RCS file: /cvs/gcc/gcc/gcc/gimplify.c,v
retrieving revision 2.101
diff -u -p -r2.101 gimplify.c
--- gimplify.c	1 Jan 2005 01:43:08 -0000	2.101
+++ gimplify.c	10 Jan 2005 23:15:23 -0000
@@ -2949,6 +2949,18 @@ gimplify_modify_expr (tree *expr_p, tree
   if (ret != GS_UNHANDLED)
     return ret;
+  /* Handle aggregate returns from function calls.  We need to mark
+     the LHS addressable, since the expanded call will pass its
+     address as a hidden argument.  This necessary for the mudflap1
+     pass.  Note that vector types need to be explicitly excluded,
+     or else gimplify_expr can fail. */
+  if ((TREE_CODE (*from_p) == CALL_EXPR)
+      && aggregate_value_p (*to_p, *from_p)
+      && (TREE_CODE (TREE_TYPE (*from_p)) != VECTOR_TYPE))
+    {
+      lang_hooks.mark_addressable (*to_p);
+    }
   /* If we've got a variable sized assignment between two lvalues (i.e. does
      not involve a call), then we can make things a bit more straightforward
      by converting the assignment to memcpy or memset.  */

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