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Patch to rectify license jungle in the Fortran run time library.


I followed RMS's advice that a run time library for a language that (almost) doesn't have routines that are called directly (as is the case for most of the Fortran run time library) is best served with a license "GPL + exception":

"In addition to the permissions in the GNU General Public License, the
Free Software Foundation gives you unlimited permission to link the
compiled version of this file into combinations with other programs,
and to distribute those combinations without any restriction coming
from the use of this file.  (The General Public License restrictions
do apply in other respects; for example, they cover modification of
the file, and distribution when not linked into a combine

I updated the hundred-or-so files in accordance with the above. The files in the generated/ directory will be regenerated.

OK if this bootstraps and make check's (C and Fortran only) ?

Patch (gzipped) attached.


Toon Moene - e-mail: - phone: +31 346 214290
Saturnushof 14, 3738 XG  Maartensdijk, The Netherlands
Maintainer, GNU Fortran 77:
A maintainer of GNU Fortran 95:

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