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Re: [C++ PATCH] [PR19163] Fix attribute aligned on dependent arraytypes

"Giovanni Bajo" <> writes:

| This is the global solution which would allow also to do things like
| attribute((aligned(N)) where N is a template parameter. But it is a
| big change: my concern with this patch (and others I have already
| committed) is to just handle basic attributes in templates. If you

I have been meaning to send an RFC for that, but never got to it.

| grep, you will see that we already propagate DECL_ALING / TYPE_ALIGN
| from templates to their instantiations in many common cases. This is
| just one where we forgot to do so. 

I believe a proper solution to that problem actually does break
compatibility with previous version of GCC.  There I tend to agree
with Mark that this should be discussed in general for 4.1.

(disclaimer: while my body is in College Station, my brain is still
somewhere in France, so please allow for a few hours/days if you think
I'm writing nonsense ;-)).

-- Gaby

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