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[PATCH,gfortran] Clean up unnecessary header files

The attached patch removes unneeded header files.  In partricular,
many of the gfortran source files would include standard headers
without the configure HAVE_*_H protection.  Most of these files
are properly handled in "system.h", so we should let "system.h"
do its job.  Additionally, gmp.h is included in gfortran.h and
does not need to be specified in the individual trans*.c files.

bubblestrap and regression tested on i386-*-freebsd6.0

2004-12-31  Steven G. Kargl  <>

        * arith.c: Add system.h; remove string.h
        * decl.c: Ditto
        * matchexp.c: Ditto
        * parse.c: Ditto
        * resolve.c: Ditto
        * st.c: Ditto
        * check.c: Remove stdlib.h and stdarg.h
        * error.c: Remove stdlib.h, stdarg.h, stdio.h, string.h
        * expr.c: Add system.h; remove stdarg.h, stdio.h, and string.h
        * f95-lang.c: Add system.h; remove stdio.h
        * interface.c: Add system.h; remove stdlib.h and string.h
        * intrinsic.c: Remove stdarg.h, stdio.h, and string.h
        * io.c: Remove string.h
        * simplify.c: Ditto
        * match.c: Remove stdarg.h and string.h
        * misc.c: Update copyright; add system.h; remove stdlib.h,
          string.h, and sys/stat.h
        * module.c: Add system.h; remove string.h, stdio.h, errno.h,
          unistd.h, and time.h
        * option.c: Remove string.h and stdlib.h
        * primary.c: Ditto
        * scanner.c: Update copyright; add system.h; remove stdlib.h,
          stdio.h, string.h, and strings.h
        * symbol.c: Add system.h; remove stdlib.h, stdio.h, and string.h
        * trans-array.c: Remove stdio.h and gmp.h
        * trans-const.c: Ditto
        * trans-expr.c: Ditto
        * trans-io.c: Ditto
        * trans-stmt.c: Ditto
        * trans.c: Ditto
        * trans-intrinsic.c: Remove stdio.h and string.h

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