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Re: [PATCH] Fix PR target/16304: AIX 4.x forward reference problem (take 2)

> I don't know the specific details, but there is interest in support
> for GCC on AIX 4.3 and open source applications built with it for
> at least a couple more years.  Thus, we need a fix that's suitable
> to the current mainline and the 3.4 branch for the change to be
> relevant.

	I do not have a problem with the AIX part of the patch if a global
maintainer agrees with the general changes.

> While it's clear that AIX 4.3 has a lot of limitations compared
> with the current AIX releases, it's my understanding that it's
> GNU policy that a package not recommend or require a non-free
> program to build.  There's been a fairly strong suggestion in
> the current thread that users should upgrade AIX 4.3 if they
> want to continue to use GCC on AIX.

	GCC releases often require newer versions of Binutils, GDB, or
Glibc.  Without it, GCC may not build or be fully operational.  A
GNU/Linux distributor may not support a system without the default system
toolchain, requiring a complete system upgrade and new license for
support.  This does not seem different than the AIX situation to me.

	GCC, and more specifically G++, is assuming and relying upon ELF
features.  AIX is adding some of those features for various reasons, but
they cannot be retrofitted.  I wish that GCC were more flexible and
portable, but that requires extra effort from developers.

	My primary advice to you and everyone who uses GCC on AIX is
*tell* your sales representative that you need GCC and *make sure* that he
or she informs the IBM AIX organization of the requirement and the
associated hardware revenue.  The IBM sales and marketing organization can
increase the investment in support for GCC on AIX; comments on forums and
mailinglists will not.


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