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Re: [PATCH, i386]: Take 3: Unify TARGET_SSE_MATH for trunc* patterns

Richard Henderson wrote:

This is the third revision of TARGET_SSE_MATH for trunc* patterns. It includes Richard's TARGET_SSE_PARTIAL_REGS_FOR_CVTSD2SS removal.

The think is, you see, that I didn't understand why you didn't take
exactly what I gave you for truncdfsf and related patterns.

I was under impression that your proposed changes were some kind of 4.1 stuff, because they changed code substantially. My patch was trying to fix only TARGET_SSE_MATH, without other changes.

Here is my part of ChangeLog for the combined patch:

2004-12-22  Richard Henderson  <>
       Uros Bizjak  <>

(... truncdfsf2 stuff ...)

   *truncxfsf2_1, truncxfdf2_1: Unify enable constraint with
   respect to TARGET_SSE2, TARGET_80387, TARGET_SSE_MATH and
   (*truncxf{s,d}f2_1): Rename to *truncxf{s,d}f2_mixed.
   (truncxf{s,d}f2_noop) Rename to truncxf{d,s}f2_i387_noop.
   (*truncxf{s,d}f2_i387): New patterns.
   (*truncxf{s,d}f2_2): Rename to *truncxf{s,d}f2_i387_1.

   (truncxf{s,d}f2, fmod{s,d}f3, drem{s,d}f3, log1p{s,d}f2,
   rint{s,d}f2, floor{s,d}f2, ceil{s,d}f2, btrunc{s,d}f2,
   nearbyint{s,d}f2): Use renamed patterns.

Please, could you add your ChangeLog part and eventually commit combined patch?


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