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Re: [patch] Don't forget to pop timevar

Volker Reichelt wrote:
On 21 Dec, Mark Mitchell wrote:

Gabriel Dos Reis wrote:

Volker Reichelt <> writes:

| Right at the beginning of the function pushtag in cp/name-lookup.c
| we have "timevar_push (TV_NAME_LOOKUP);". However, we leave the
| function in one path without popping the variable again. Only
| mainline is affected.
| | The following patch fixes that.
| | Ok to commit once bootstrapping and regtesting succeeded?

I think the patch qualifies as obvious, and being the perpetrator of
POP_TIMEVAR_AND_RETURN I believe the patch is fine.  And it fixes a
bug (my understanding is that we're back to bug-fixing mode).

No, we're not, unless I announced that without remembering it. It's my belief that we're supposed to be still fixing regressions.

But, this patch is certainly obvious enough that we may as well put it in.


Mark, what about the cleanup I mentioned (i.e. the patch below)?

Sure, but please don't focus on this kind of thing at this point. We've got bigger fish to fry.


Mark Mitchell
CodeSourcery, LLC
(916) 791-8304

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