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Re: [sa]: Revert partial def stuff, use fake variables instead


> >well, if you did not start claiming that I have changed the results of
> >alias analysis, I would not have a problem with this.
> >
> You *did* change aliasing information.  You introduced a new alias 
> relation.

did I?  Could you please explain what you mean by "alias relation"?

> If I insert a statement in the IL, I have changed the CFG, 
> have I not?

Not necessarily.  If this statement does not affect control flow, it
does not change cfg.  Similarly if I perform operation that does not
change the order, locations and sizes of memory accesses, I did not
change alias information.

> >I still would have problems with understanding why are the results
> >represented in a way that makes it close to impossible to work with
> >them, rather than having a simple annotation on a memory reference whose
> >format would be independent on how the reference looks inside (in
> >particular on whether its base is a variable or a pointer).
> >
> I can't parse this.  What exactly are you proposing?  If we can find a 
> representation that's easier to work with, I'm all ears.

Having something like

struct mem_ref_ann
  tree tag;	/* The tag or variable associated with the reference.  */
  enum tag_type type;
		/* Type of the tag associated with the reference
		   (variable, TMT, NMT).  */

attached to the memory reference.  So that in get_expr_operands you
would just have

    && mem_ref_ann (expr))
    tag = mem_ref_ann (expr)->tag;
    switch (mem_ref_ann (expr)->type)
        /* Add whatever operands appropriate for the reference.  */

Instead of having to go to the base of the reference to fetch the tag in
a way dependent on how the reference looks inside.

Then everything ivopts would have to take care of is moving the
annotation from the old reference to the new one.


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